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Geddit: a powerful Tool for collecting students feedback

Written by Gianfranco D'Aversa.


Geddit is a great web tool that allows teachers to check on their students understanding in real-time. Geddit is a powerful response system ideal for inclusion in your classroom. Students can easily share with teachers feedback about the lessons being taught. All responses are recorded instantly so teachers can identify individual needs as they emerge.

Geddit also provides a set of quizzing features to help teachers with their formative assessments. These include multiple choice questions and short answer responses. Here is how to start using Geddit:

  1. Simply run Geddit during the lesson and start collecting real-time, emotive student feedback as they participate in your lesson.
  2. Ask your students to check-in through Geddit, they usually make around 5 check-ins per lesson.
  3. You'll see the confidence of every student is color coded on the teacher screen. This information is private, students can not see their peers' confidence. Students who select just one bar appear red on your screen, three bars appear green, and students who've selected all five bars are highlighted in blue.

Geddit is also available as iOS app and Chrome app. Watch this video to learn more about Geddit.

Create professional looking posters for your class using Lucidpress

Written by Gianfranco D'Aversa.


Lucidpress poster maker is an easy to use web tool with a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows teachers to design beautiful posters and flyers to use in classroom.

Besides the premium templates, Lucidpress maker provides a wide variety of inspirational templates to use with your posters. You have the flexibility to customize the size of your poster the way you want it. All of the poster templates in Lucidpress are set to 18” x 24”. The easy-to-learn image and text editing capabilities offered by Lucidpress renders poster making an enjoyable artistic endeavour. There is also a section in Lucidpress where you can have access to some useful tips to help you create visually attractive posters.

The free Lucidpress plan offers only 25MB of storage space and few other features, basic and pro plans have more advanced features and a storage capacity that goes up to 5 GB.

Watch this short video to learn more about Lucidpmess. Enjoy 

GroupMap: a good Tool for boosting students visual and critical thinking skills

Written by Gianfranco D'Aversa.


GroupMap is an excellent educational web tool for group brainstorming and decision making. It allows you to create your own map and invite others to contribute to it. GroupMap also provides a wide variety of pre-designed graphic organizer templates that teachers can use with students in class to engage them in critical thinking activities.

GroupMap is also a response system that supports real-time feedback and response collection. Teachers can see each students' contribution and assess it in real time. Teachers can either enable anonymous sharing so students won’t be able to see each others’ ideas or make it open environment with anyone being able to the group contributions. When done, teachers can use GroupMap’s reporting features to :"summarize the entire map instantly into web reports or excel; see how people contributed, and how they rated the activity; and provide evidence and transparency into the decision making process."

Watch this video to learn more about GroupMap.

Dancing Particles

Written by Gianfranco D'Aversa.

dancing particles for site

Another experiment with dancing particles. Went for something vibrant with a less ideal track for this kind of thing, but I think it worked out alright. Thanks for watching.

A great Web Tool for creating educational timelines in 3D

Written by Gianfranco D'Aversa.


Tiki-Toki is easy to use and does not require any software download. All you have to do is sign up for a free account and start designing your timelines right away. The free account includes the basic features to create a timeline and is limited to one timeline only. There is however a special account for teachers for $125 a year which includes access to all new features.

Timelines you create via Tiki-Toki can also include different multimedia materials such as images, text, and videos from YouTube and Vimeo. You can create different categories for the events you include in your timeline and colour code them for easy access. Another great feature of Tiki-Toki is the ‘group edit’ which allows you to invite your colleagues to contribute to your timelines and work on them collaboratively. Depending on the account you set up, timelines you create on Tiki-Toki can be embedded in a website or blog using an embed code. They can also be shared with others through a generated URL. 

GENESYS. The mystery of life

Written by Gianfranco D'Aversa.

genesys personal site

GENESYS tells the story of contemporary scientists who are advancing a powerful but controversial idea - the theory of intelligent design. Using computer animation, this video transports you into the interior of the living cell to explore systems and machines that bear the unmistakable hallmarks of design. A biological information processing system more powerful than any computer network. And a thread-like molecule that stores instructions to build the essential components of every living organism on earth. Watch the video here.

21st Century Teens VS 20th Century Teens

Written by Gianfranco D'Aversa.


Technology has had such a huge transformative impact on teen’s behaviour and subsequently their lifestyles. One example in favour of this transformation is social networking. Before the massive uptake of Internet and web 2.0 technologies, kids at the time used to socialize with friends from school or neighbourhood and they got to spend time together in “real world”. Now, virtuality takes over and platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, online gaming sites…etc have redefined the notion of social networking unleashing it from the spatio-temporal boundaries that used to stand in the face of people getting to know and talk to each other.

In this beautiful infographic, the folks in TeenSafe mapped out teens' changing behaviour over the last 20 years. They have particularly focused on the social aspect of teen’s lives and have revealed some really astounding stats about the increasing dependence of teenagers on social media as the primary means of socialization.

Kidblog released a new publishing platform for K-12 students

Written by Gianfranco D'Aversa.

banner kidbog

Kidblog, the popular publishing platform for K-12 students, has released today a ‘ newly redesigned student publishing platform” with some advanced features that enable students to share their voice with an authentic audience’. According to their press release, the new platform is based on three principles:

  1. Safe and Simple Kidblog is elegantly simple and relevant for today’s digital learner, yet powerful enough to transform the writing experience for students of all ages. Flexible privacy settings meet the security demands of teachers, parents, and schools.
  2. Student-Centered Kidblog is designed to help students find their voice. Each author’s creation is unique, with its own purpose, tone, and audience.
  3. Authentic Audience Writing is meant to be read. Kidblog makes it easy for students to share posts with their teacher, their classmates, connected classes, and the world.

Here is a 3-minute video tour of the new platform.

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