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Top Educational iPads Apps for Teachers

Written by Gianfranco D'Aversa.

Another great resource of educational apps for teachers. Below is a list curated by Gary and which has been making rounds online. This is probably one of the most viewed lists I have ever seen. It has more than 200k page-views and counting. I checked the apps it included and I knew why it is so popular. Gary has carefully handpicked the most useful and practical apps for educators and teachers and aggregated them all in one place for users to access and share. You might be already familiar with some of these apps and I am pretty sure you might have tried some but you will definitely find new and awesome ones to try at your school or with your students. I am sharing the list with you below and I am also adding it to my iPad resources section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Read more

FlipSnack. PDF to Flash page flip. Flipping book software

Written by Gianfranco D'Aversa.

FlipSnack is a flipping book software that lets you convert PDF documents into Flash page flip digital publications that you can embed into your website. Creative teaching: FlipSnack allows you to turn PDF files into amazing interactive books. It’s an ideal tool for teachers and students to collaborate and share their work with parents and colleagues. Easy to embed on any website or blog, these flipbooks make classes and courses look fun and are also easy to download. Here are a few other ideas of what you can do with FlipSnack, but the possibilities are endless: Create a flipbook with images of your baby’s first year; Turn your research thesis into a shareable flipbook that people will want to read; Make a catalog that shows off all your best items for sale on Etsy; Write an office manual that new employees can review before starting work. Read more

5 Great Ways to Document Students Mobile Learning

Written by Gianfranco D'Aversa.

I am actually working on an academic paper on Education 3.0 which I am intending to publish in one of the mobile tech journals. I will provide you with a synthesis of the main points I am covering but I can not republish it here in my blog though I have the full authorship rights because republishing a published paper is prohibited by most academic journal policies. However, one of the things that really drew my attention while working on this paper is how teachers can document students' learning in a world increasingly going mobile. Digging deeper into this topic, I decided to share this short guide with you to help you better understand and learn about the mobile tools to use to document your students learning while on the go. Read more

A Great Tool for Taking Notes While Watching Academic Videos

Written by Gianfranco D'Aversa.

VideoNotes is a neat new tool for taking notes while watching videos. VideoNotes allows you to load any YouTube video on the left side of your screen and on the right side of the screen VideoNotes gives you a notepad to type on. VideoNotes integrates with your Google Drive account. By integrating with Google Drive VideoNotes allows you to share your notes and collaborate on your notes just as you can do with a Google Document. It enables you to: Watch videos and take notes at the same time, on the same screen; Keep the same shortcuts to play/pause your video while writing notes; Automatically synchronize your notes and video. Just click on a line of your notes to jump to the related part of the video. Read more

5 Things People Must Change About The Way They Lead

Written by Gianfranco D'Aversa.

Leadership is about sharing, giving – making those around you better. Leadership is about uniting and inspiring teams to optimally perform. Leadership is caring about a societal cause that the business can influence. This is what most businesses refer to as corporate social responsibility. Leadership is indeed a social responsibility, yet many people are out of touch with how to be an effective leader. Many people believe that because they carry an important title or have tenure within the organization, others will automatically follow them. Today, leadership is much more than just authority – it’s about being ethical and staying true to your beliefs and values. Read more

8 Awesome Handwriting Apps for iPad

Written by Gianfranco D'Aversa.

Have you ever thought of writing on your iPad as you would do on paper ? iPads are originally designed to support only keyboard writing but not everybody like iOS keyboards.Other tablets require the use of a stylus to do handwriting but again this is not a dependable option . Now let's see what app developers have for us in this regard. There are actually several writing apps that you can install on your iPad and that will allow you to handwrite as easily as writing on a real paper. I have curated a list of such apps and I am sharing it with you below. If you are looking for apps to develop your students writing then check out this resource instead. Enjoy. Read more

10 Wonderful Apps to Teach Students about Earth Day

Written by Gianfranco D'Aversa.

You might have noticed today a doodle displayed in the Google search engine. This animated doodle that Google uses to adorn its homepage marks the Earth Day anniversary April 22, 2013. This is a great occasion for us teachers and educators to celebrate this day with our students and draw their awareness to the importance of saving our HOME from looming dangers. One strategy to use to raise students awareness of the importance of our planet is by sharing with them these beautiful iPad apps . Check out this list of the titles I have handpicked for you in honor of Earth Day. Enjoy. Read more

Why We Need to Reform Education Now

Written by Gianfranco D'Aversa.

What should America do about its disastrous high school dropout rate? That's the focus of TEDTalks Education, the first ever TED/PBS television special, hosted by John Legend, the award-winning musician. The program looks not only at what's going wrong in high schools, but how to put it right. As it happens, the solution is not a mystery; but putting it into practice will involve a major shift in current policies. In 1970, the U.S. had the highest rates of high school graduation in the world, now it has one of the lowest. According to the OECD, the overall U.S. graduation rate is now around 75 percent, which puts America 23rd out of 28 countries surveyed. In some communities the graduation rate is less than 50 percent. About 7,000 young people 'drop out' of the nation's high schools every day, close to 1.5 million a year. The social and economic costs are enormous. Read more

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